Sunday, 6 November 2016

Just a Little Bit About Love

Just a Little Bit About Love

What is love? How does love work? What can it do? Where is it? Can I feel it? Can I see it? Can I sense it? Do I want Love? I want Love. Love can break down any Ego. Love is mostly demonstrated and felt when somebody meets somebody, they feel a sense of attraction. They are magnetically polarized. They are pulled towards each other. They have chemistry. A bond. They can feel each other; they can taste each other. They are melded. Love is opening fully to the other to within you and create a bond uniting each other. That is what the act of sex is. It is giving oneself fully to the other. Trusting, and letting go of oneself to be with another. That is for the moment. The moment that existed there was a moment of love, a moment of creation. Yes, creation can exist without love, but such creation will be part of that context as well. It must then teach itself what is love, and relearn to go back to neutrality. And oneness. Being one. Now, going back to the point of the moment. Since time the way we know it, is only a third dimensional view, if we were to see time from a 5th dimensional POV, where past – present – and future are separate but actually the same thing, and that time is actually just the moment we are living in right now. So the moment of love experienced, is simply a moment of love experienced. So, how is love created to time and the moment, or what am I trying to say exactly; is, that we can love and share the moments of love inevitably, we can create moments of infinity. We can make possibilities that aren’t even thought of yet. Love is the feeling that creates. Love is the motivator to life. Love is the key to life.

But, so, what is love? We know it’s a feeling, something intangible, something sensed. What is sensing? Feeling? When you try to feel a feeling, you are doing the same thing. So that doesn’t work. Can you do something - something. You do something. You don’t realize your doing it when your doing it. If you do that, then you’ve just stopped doing that something, and are now thinking about doing it. AhA! There it is again, that “moment in time”. So, if we only have that that moment, why, then why aren’t we in love. Isn’t love the energy of creation? The feeling that motivates? When I am in love, I am love, my feelings are expanded, warm, open, free, comfortable, I am. So, again why aren’t we in love! And if we only have this moment, I want to be in love, I want to be love. I am love. But we know it exists. We can feel it. We all have. And we all have had our hearts broken. Maybe that’s why. We are now scared. We are scared to feel broken again. There’s feel again. What does that mean to feel? To feel broken. I am love. We are scared. We are scared of love. We want it so bad, that we scared of losing it. But we are not in love now. Because we are scared of it. We don’t have it. I want love. Well then, if I have this moment | since time is only the now. I want love. I want love now, and always, in all the nows. Why not? I create better, I move better, I flow better, it creates. When I am in love, I create. I know you do too.  So if I want love, I can’t live in fear of it. I can not be scared of losing it. Because since we only have the moment, we now know that wasting it on fearing losing love isn’t what I want. I want love. so if I was broken. Now I am not. Now I am love. Now I am in love. With what, at this point I don’t care. With my self. I love myself. I love my family. I love. And now since I am in the moment, and this moment is creating another moment, and the other. Now I am in love, and creating in love. I like it ;)

So time, love, broken, the now, love? What the hell just happened? Did I feel love? Hmm, that was kinda cool. I love. But conclusion = I want to be in love, I want to create in love, I want to be love. 


Why? Because creating outside of love hasn’t created me anything new. It has only stemmed of actions based on me being scared of losing it. But wow feeling love, getting into that vibration of love, wow, it can have great affects. So maybe the real conclusion would be for you to feel love, create in love, then compare the two results together and create the counter opposite solution and compare. Based off your own past, current, and future experiences. But simply create in love, and be aware when you are creating out of love. I believe if we can all start to feel love, to experience love, to create in love. Everything would change. Its impossible you said! Hmph, well I say you test that for yourself. Be aware when you act out of love in the moment, and when you create in love. See the difference, gauge the difference, feel the difference. And then you can truly decide and judge the situation.

just a little bit on love.